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Each child is different. They have different talents and skills. They have different strengths and weaknesses. They also go thru different seasons – high and low, each season will inevitably shape their character. It would be wise to come alongside them and teach them how to respond to each season. This is probably a “high” season for most of them since this is the time when they receive their awards from school. I am using this season to teach Ethan about humility.

Tonight, I asked him to give me a pen and paper. I drew a two dimensional graph. See the actual graph below. The horizontal line is for time while the vertical line is for progress. I drew a straight line E and told him that this is his progress in life. He is doing well, he has accomplished much for his age. I told him that this is something to be thankful for.

Grace: To whom?

Ethan: To God.

I drew 2 new lines A and C. A is higher than line E. C is lower than line A.

Grace: It is important for you to learn which is your reference. For example, if you choose C as your reference, what would you most likely feel?

Ethan: Boastful

Grace: How about if you choose A as your reference?

Ethan: You will be challenged to persevere.

Grace: Yes and another possibility is you will feel self-pity. It will not be wise to choose A or C as your reference. There is another line up above – infinity. I drew a straight line up above the graph. What do you think of this line?

Ethan: It is for God.

Grace: Yes, this represents God. I want God to be your reference. Why? Because in life, you will make more progress. But it is important to see yourself before God. No matter how high your progress is, you will always be way under God. That is one definition of humility. You need to see yourself in reference to God. Do you understand?

Ethan: Yes

Grace: (I drew a circle at the end of line E). When you reach higher progress, you must bring back the glory to God. You can use that as a platform, not to bring glory to yourself but to point others to worship God.

Then we reviewed the story of Daniel. Daniel was recognized by the king because of his excellence. Now, when he was already working with the king, something happened. Some bad people manipulated the king and put Daniel in a den of lions. One day passed but the lions did not touch Daniel. Because of that, the King learned why Daniel is excellent. Daniel is excellent because of the God that he worships. The king commanded all of his kingdom to worship Daniel’s God.

I documented this conversation to inspire other parents to do the same. Use each season to teach them to obey God. This will be your most important contribution in their lives. Teach them via illustrations and more so, using your own life. God bless you and your family!