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I am Grace, daughter of God, wife to Sebs, mother to Ethan and Shoti. I was raised by 2 sacrificial and kind parents – Danny and Vicky. I am the eldest in a brood of 5 – Grace, Adey, Geng, Toto, Dianne. I have 2 nieces – Celine and Victor Neri (coming on Nov, 2018). I love my family very much! My family is my greatest treasure on earth.
I decided to go back to blogging because I believe in biblical marriage and parenting. I want more and more people to know about it. In my articles, I will tell stories of how we are able to apply biblical truths to our family life. We are far from perfect. We are only dependent on God’s grace daily.
At times, I will tell you very personal experiences. In these stories, I want to show you glimpses of how God works in and thru us. We live very different lives. You will have your own stories of grace and I would love to know about your stories also. I only want to start a ripple, to inspire other people to look to Christ, as our only Savior and Lord, the only one capable of giving us abundant life for this life and eternally.